Children's Ministry

It is our prayer that God gives the children of Bramalea Spiritual gifts....

Youth Ministry

We empower and equip our youth for ministry to prepare them for youth in action....

Ladies Ministry

To encourage spiritual growth, personal development and leadership among women...

Men's Ministry

I give honour to God for all the men of Bramalea...

Senior's Ministry

Honouring & giving service to our elders in society 

Hospital Ministry

Taking care of the weak, sick, infirmed and helpless

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

We intercede for our country and for salvation of souls. We are at the front line...

Music Ministry

Focusing on music, praise & worship to invite the presence of God

Usher's Ministry

Usher Ministry

We are passionate about this ministry in which we are called to serve....

Discipleship & Training

Presenting the Word of God in a new light for everyday application 

Domestic | International Missions

Going into the world to spread the light through missions 

New Believer's Ministry

Helping new Christians and believersl